What we do.

Eliminate manual processing and unlock the hidden value in your organisation in hours, not days. Empower your people with self-service analytics.


We can connect to your data no matter where it is, no matter what format it is in.


Quickly blend, clean and model your data ready for analysis.


Business Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Machine Learning, AI... we have the expertise and the tools.


Visualize your data to provide business insight and easily disseminate information throughout your organisation.


Remove manual processes and build repeatable workflows that give you results in hours, not days.


We can train your staff, enabling self-service analytics, and provide technical support for all your data needs.

Who are we

Tim Wood

Tim Wood


Tim has over 15 years experience as an Analyst in Financial Services working in areas such as Regulatory Reporting, Solvency II, Risk Analysis.

Our Network

Our Network

A world class network of Developers, Analysts & Project Managers

Tom Crook

Tom Crook

Project Manager

"Because of its simplicity and versatility, serious consideration should be given by corporate to use the Business Planning tool globally in other business units. ... Tim has done a fantastic job in working with the business to understand, enhance and deliver the business requirements."

Rachel Wilkinson

Rachel Wilkinson

Head of Planning & Capital Management

"I think you've given us a brilliant build which is a great reflection of the time that you put in to understanding our requirements and the effort you put in to delivering it"


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